Regulations: The Hidden 11 Percent Tax on Pharma

By the end of 2011, all but four of the 242 Republican House members had signed Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, committing to refuse to raise taxes on individuals or corporations. This was a welcome sign for many, indicating that Republicans in Congress were not only serious about reducing the deficit but that they would do it without stifling American productivity.

The harmful effects of high tax rates have been well documented and perhaps no greater proof of this exists than the fact that it is now nearly impossible impossible to find politicians who wish to return to a pre-Reagan 70 percent marginal tax rate, even among the most anti-business circles. But while the pro-business argument has won in the realm of tax rates, it has largely been without effect when it comes to government-imposed regulations.

While the costs of complying with regulations do not appear on a business’ ledger, make no mistake, these are real costs that that choke growth by imposing invisible taxes on business or all sizes — taxes that are then passed on to consumers. More than $1 trillion of such taxes to be precise.1

Frustrated by Economy, Montanans Look to Check Democrats in DC

MBLC Poll: Eight out of 10 believe country on wrong track

Helena, Montana - Montanans have seen little relief from a rough economy over the past few years and appear poised to direct their discontent toward President Obama and Democrats in Congress during the 2012 Presidential Election, according to a new poll conducted by the Montana Business Leadership Council.

When asked to consider conditions at the national level, eight out of ten Montanans (79 percent) believe the country has gotten off track. Moreover, a majority (61 percent) believe that the state economy is worsening. This trend continued to the individual level with half of respondents (49 percent) answering that their personal economic situation has declined since 2008.

MBLC November 2011 Opinion Survey

Conducted November 14, 2011
By Pulse Opinion Research

1* In thinking about the 2012 Presidential Election suppose you had a choice between a Republican candidate and Democrat Barack Obama.  If the election were held today would you vote for the Republican candidate or Democrat Barack Obama?

60% The Republican candidate
32% Democrat Barack Obama
  9% Not sure