MBLC Announces Cost Containment Recommendations for Healthcare Insurance

With healthcare costs on the rise across the country the Montana Business Leadership Council is recommending a few simple, bi-partisan measures that will aid in lowering healthcare costs for Montanans.

One of the policy measures is to focus on the need for continued flexibility in the regulation of state-specific health insurance provider networks, one of the most important tools insurers have for controlling costs.

"There have been discussions on the national level to try to limit the flexibility of provider networks," said Montana Business Leadership Council Chairman, Fred Thomas. "A one-size-fits all approach aimed at forcing insurance providers to form their networks in accordance with a nationwide set of regulations will only lead to cost increases for those seeking health coverage. We need to focus on promoting flexibility within provider networks and other methods of containing costs."

MBLC has also suggested focusing on coordinated care among the different healthcare providers that a particular patient may see.  Structuring policies to encourage better coordination will result in better healthcare outcomes and control costs.  Finally, MBLC is calling for more transparency and disclosure of the costs of medical procedures and prescription drugs so that consumers can make better-informed choices.

Richard Miltenberger, a co-owner of Leavitt Great West Insurance Services in Helena who helped develop the recommendations states that he hopes these suggestions will be viewed as simple, yet very meaningful changes, that will ensure that small businesses can continue to afford to provide their employees health insurance coverage.

"The ability of insurance providers to be able to establish strategic networks to make health insurance plans affordable for both small businesses and employees is crucial," said Miltenberger. "We need first-rate health care insurance options for businesses and their employees—not more regulations that make it more difficult for small businesses to make ends meet."

Click here to download the Healthcare white paper.